A series of drawings done for a 'Book Seminar' class taught by Viktor Koen as a part of the MFA Illustration program at the School of Visual Arts. These drawings are meant to depict my interpretation of Franz Kafka's short story, 'Ein Bericht für eine Akademie' (A report to an academy).

As Red Peter masterfully battles between his external and internal existences, humankind around him tried to resolve this riddle. The dividing line between man and beast is not as clear as we would like to think it is. I wanted to show a broken animal -- a conflicted fusion of man and animal -- as the protagonist of my artworks.

"When I come home late at night from banquets and social gatherings, there sits waiting for me a half-trained chimpanzee and I take comfort from her as apes do."  -  Franz Kafka

Charcoal on paper. 19" x 25"